GrantMasons exists to bring organisations the skilled, professional HR and organisational development resource they need, when they need it.

We are a team of people who have, in the nicest possible way, been through the mill.
We’ve experienced the world of work and the inevitable highs and lows.

In offering consultancy, we haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be on the end of a restructure, or a significant redundancy drive. At one time or another, we’ve felt the pinch of cuts-backs, and the pressure that goes with being the one left behind to do two jobs instead of one.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to give them the best possible outcome in their circumstances.

Our reason for doing this work? It’s always about you – your human resource or workforce challenges, your specific organisational needs, your vision and goals, and most importantly, your people.

Once we understand these things, we can help you to achieve your goals through needs-focused support with HR activities: either placing one of our people on-site, into your team on a ‘task and finish’ basis, or by offering full, managed service solutions to your HR function.

Our Culture

It’s the people that make GrantMasons the company it is. We hail from all walks of life, reflecting the diverse client base we serve. And whilst we always hire professionals who are competent and driven to deliver results, we prioritise ethics and a commitment to service above all else.

We use our successes to harness further success, investing our time and energy into improving everything we do, every time we do it. Because the more successful we are, the more people we can help.